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Mira Well, what can i say? im not interesting enough..i just love to sleep, read, dance, sing, compose, internet, movies[ oh yeah im a movie junkie] i talk a lot[ask my friends]and i eat a lot. but still i look like a STICK =/

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
:D :D:D:D

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What a DAY
Monday, April 27, 2009
Like i'm so freakin lucky that actually got good results for my 1st semester...Nver expected this before! Today i got Kt,Agama and Bm paper 1.

KT: 76%
Bm paper 1 : 33.
Agama: 69%

Agama tu bah! I'm freakiny trying to find mistakes!! I mean like who doesn't want an A???IT only takes ONE mark to change it ALL!!! GAAAHHHH gtf it.....That kt id NEVER in my life would expect to get that high i mean....I didin't even study this bah?! Boleh boleh lagi ni same marks dngn harry potter [ Azaliah..hehe] Ala apa2 pun ALHAMDULILLAH laaaa geooooo sej....... the kerja kursus so freakin kasi darah tinggi man!! At some point i always think that i'm dying or something..... Nda lama lagi may! Then mau hntr suda kerja kursus tu yg geo belum lagi i decide what country to diffrentiate with kg.Likass. Yg sej,Baru P'hargaan.... Yala elemen1 suda siappp. Tomorow dapat Math paper kali and eng[ni memang la dapat] Gosh!!!! Math....guranteeee CEMERLANG punya XO. Guess what? Today, We just got "needled"..Yep thats right...punya men sakit GILAAAAAAA sikit lagi mau tertampar nurse tu hahaha Pedih gila eh omg what did they put inside????? CHILI PADI???? So yeahhhh i hope i'll get my sc paper tomorow and i'm hoping i'll get an A for that....Come on la sub tu paling la kena kasi tekan by my parents...Yelahh FUTURE DOCTOR BAH INI.... kwakwakwa == Kssss i just finished my pendahuluan geo [ buat balik...tersalah...] now getting off, i wanna do my arab hw which is NOT due till thursday.... Because i'm so RAJIN i decided to finish it today u know cuz i don't like to postpone my works. After that gonna study sejarah or something else la literature kali. Apa lagi time form 3 ni...Berjuta juta hw kena bagi heeiiii menatng2 kami kelas pandai betul la pa erna ckp tu "Cikgu2 ni fikir kita ni robot bah ni kan!? aku betul2 x tahan ngn sekolah ni aku mau pindahh!!!" Haha lek ko erna...XD tapi her mum ni strict gila just SATU B jak kena tiaw ni terus huhu...sabar2 ya sodikoti :) Tadi ada kkq best la bolehla haha. Btw,erna's b'day this friday la pula hmm what should i get her ya?? No idea ni...dia suka tul anime ni takkan la mau kasi dia naruto punya orng pula =/ haha. K t'jatuh jatuh suda paper geo ni....better get going maybe watching BOF tonite...haha well not sure c laaa :):)

PS: I miss archieeee :(

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Exam,End Of Life,Birthdays.
Friday, April 24, 2009
Here i am again talking to myself as Usual. Just finished my geo paper. Punyalah men senang sampai x bleh jwb ni (=.=") Math lagilah. But what i'm sure is i'm soo not going to repeat this incident ever again. I mean for the next exam,test blablabla any so called hell test. I will work my butt off! Ooh i just can't wait for the report card day so lovely! Yeah right sanalah tu aku kena bising and dngr ceramah dua kepala tu heii. Here's the funny thing i totally messed up inmy engish work. I didin't read the instructions 1st before i write.. [Its a long and complicated story i just don't feel like talking about it]

Continue....I'm writing this just after i'd finished my sivic paper. Damn,it was so easyy! Waiting for my arabic exam nee. I just hope that its no Miss Wong who comes in. [Lets start a conversation shall we?]:

Mr Mind : So any news?

Me: Yeah want the good news or the bad news?

Mr Mind: Lets start with the bad news so we don't have to ruin the happy moments later XD

Me: Yeah hate to break it to ya sis i mean bro or whatever u are[why am i even talking to u??] anyway, there's neither of them . I only have the worst news ever. I think i'm going to die on the (whenever the report card day is on) The word "LOSER" and "FLUNKER" is obviously written on my forehead. I love math!! NO this is not a joke i really do..wait is that suppose to be the good news or the worst of all worst news? XD

Mr Mind: Righht.


Okayy back to the story..yeah probably this is almost it i'll just type this back when i get home later. Anywayy

Happy Birthday Leynnaa dear
Wishing u all the best and hope we can meet again IMY. XOXO

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I Got a new chinguu!!XD
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Wow! Today i'm so happy cause I just got a korean best friend.! Yeah she's korean ne-ne-ne-ne-ne! XP. Her name is Lee Jaeng Eun. Or english name:: Tiffany. She's 14,schooling in Seri Insan![If i was still there T____T] Dude! She has a very pure and nice voice. I'm soo glad that to get to know her. Wanna know how we get to know each other in the first place? Doesn't matter cause i'm gonna tell u anyway. Last Sunday, 19.04.09, my sister had her b'day at MCD...She invited loads of her friends. One of em is korean. Me and my cousin were talking to his mum. We asked loads of questions. Mostly Korean stuffs hhee. Then mei asked the aunty wheter she has any teenage daughter, she suggested her friend's daughter instead to us.
She called her and let us talk to her so yada yada yada the yippie we just got a korean bff!
la-la-la-la-la Btw, she's DIGI hehe. She plays tennis oh man..sweet?hell yeah! She wants me to teach her Malay and wants my cousin to teach her Chinese..That's ccol. Gonna meet her after i purify[ Is there such a word?! ] my face 1st. Stupid F*****g face (=.="). She's so pretty too..I thought she was 15 at 1st because the aunty said aaa who cares XD. Oh and here's the funny thing, we both thought her name was KIPANI because the aunty said soo AGAIN. She was like no! It's Tiffany haha. Man that was freaaky O_O.

Ok so yeah exams? As usual...BORIIING..Man it was soo frustrating i thought i was gonna DIE at some point. I was writing this after i've finished my eng paper 2 exam. There was 45 minutes left so i was kinda bored [ Not kinda but i WAS ] Math ooh ooh i just can't wait to FLUNK that one off! =.= As always i'm not as bright as u think i am.. [ Oh,u're too modest ] [ Yeah,i know right?! XDXD ] Tomorrow Science attack and kh. U see i wanna get A for my science so bad ok...Judging time::

=] If i'm saying that i'm studying my arse off that means i'm totally lying.
=] If i'm saying that i'm NOT studying my arse off that means i'm totally lying too..

So u see? I'm just plain old boring average miss unfabulous me.

Wish me luckk.


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Its A Love Story David Just Say Yesss
Friday, April 10, 2009

This is where we first laid eyes with each other.. OnlyYOU ME THE BAND Look at himmso sweeeet man i'm so jealous of that dolphy xP

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My Cuddle Cuddle Wuddle Wuddle Cutie Pie

Archieeeeeee iLY<33 Man i'm freakin jealous at those peeps in kl right now TT it hurts me soo bad that i can't be with him while he's only i dont know a few kilometeres away??! Goshh but i'm glad he heard my message to him YES HE DID HEARD IT IT WAS CONFIRMED BY Yeah Jin i'm soo gonna kill u if u lied to me.xD Nyways, Yeaah when i first heard he's coming to kl i waas actually NOT ok with it.[ I have my reasons ] Yeh this is what i said on the radio to hiiiim~:

Hey David,I love uuu anyways,its so sad that i'm not in kl right now i just hope that u'll have a great time there.Kl's a beautiful place but not as beautiful as SABAH. David,, u should come here everyone loves u here so yeaha
And then Jin was like hahahaha ==
Oh and jin, make sure u give this message to david or else u're DEAD MEAT[ Yeah i did say that to him xD]
Yeah so that's kinda it? But they confirmed a LOOT of times that he was listening to the station so that was a relief phhewww
P.S: Like i called the station a loot of times but they didin't pick up so i was like panicking like a MONKEY. But it was sooo cool that the station had me yay! :DD OK gtg studyyyyyyy
Did u know that the first ring doughnuts were produced in 1847 by a 15 year old baker's apprentice, Hanson GREGORY

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