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Mira Well, what can i say? im not interesting enough..i just love to sleep, read, dance, sing, compose, internet, movies[ oh yeah im a movie junkie] i talk a lot[ask my friends]and i eat a lot. but still i look like a STICK =/

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I feel like kicking somebody's butt right now
Sunday, June 28, 2009
School's 2mrw, some part of me is excited about me and some of part of me just don't like being back in school again =/ maybe because i had a fight with a friend? A very stupid friend Grrr I don't give a shit about our problems anymore and I don't give a shit to her. Wished i never knew her stupid me typical brainless me! Good thing she's gonna be gone in a few months thats a good start for me not seeing her bloody face. And i also HATE this BLOODY GIRL!! I hate her coz she hates me.. She's an immature stupid girl everything about her is bloody stupid. OK so yesterday me and my dad, we were gonna watch Transformers but then ALL cinema full nie SERIOUSLY my dad was so desperate to watch it until he went to check on EVERY cinema in KK. But all FULLY OCCUPIED. FULL HOUSE. Too bad we're just gonna have to watch it next week. =C good thing its not NEW MOON haha if new moon, i would be willing to watch it anywhere anytime. Just again, my parents went out.. asked me if i wanna come along but i refused because i had so many things to do just now for instance HOMEWORK. I watched WILD CHILD because i had a headache after 2 hours in my room spending time with my history books. Let me just made a list of my What-I-Just-Did list;)

1.Done my arab hw, well some parts of them are empty
2. Revised my history till chap 3. now i'm left with chap 4 for form 2 and 4 chaps for form 3 XD [test is on wed btw,]

3. Revised my KT till chap.2. I'm left with chap 3
4. Ate panadol
5. Watched wild child secretly in my mum's room when she was away hehe.
6. Done my karangan except for the ceramah one, damn so hard =/
7. Ate my dinner.
8. Currently reading fan fictions which is totally wasting my precious time. I'm just gonna read it for 10 mins or so.

Now, i just wanna spend most of my times with books, studies, school, MATH. 3 months... It wouldn hurt so much. I just can't wait to escape the PMR life then i can go back to my social life haha being lazy and wasting my time haah. I wanna buy ECLIPSE i just can't wait !!!! I wanna know what's happening next! Is bella gonna be a vampire?? Is Edward leaving bella again?? Why?????????? Grr!! The feeling of suspension and curiosity is revolving inside me. Still hmm. oh yeah, i just signed up for twitter a couple of days ago.. Siok ka? Hmm not really, theyre just asking "what are u doing right now"? and i can only type a few words.. The world is crazy about twitter but i can't seem to understand the excitement about it =/ 2mrw, having math tui at 5.00. The teacher is very strict like seriously, i'm terrified during the class the stupid circles bah isshh gerammmm benciii feeling of hatred is just so grr! My eyes got something wrong until i can't see the arc thing where it connects and stuffs so ok, my plans for 2nite.:

1. Finish reading KT chap.3
2. Hmm maybe i'll do the math hw if i still have the will to do so


School---> Go up to Potty and ask her about the arab hw. B4 ustaz strikes me

After school:----->

1. Math circles(revise) before the teacher strikes me with her hot iron eep! O...O

Logging off.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

We had lost a soul.
We had lost a LEGEND.
We had lost the meaning of music.
We had lost the one and only King Of Pop

All my condolence goes out to his family and friends.
We will miss u.
Innalillahi wa innalillahi ro-ji-oon.
May Allah be with u.. Always.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

So.. I'd just finished reading New Moon in a short time... Woohoo would u believe me if i told u that i read almost 100 pages A DAY? Impossible? Not to me its not... I was really into the story and i couldn't control myself by touching that book not only for a DAY like almost every MINUTE of it gosh... Overally obsessed much? U bet i am.. I'm seriously addicted to Twilight rite now, mostly its because of EDWARD CULLEN <3<3 The love of my life, The soul inside me.. I can't live in a world where he doesn't exist ;)[Familiar with that quote? haha] I read the book like almost everywhere i go, i took it with me no SERIOUSLY. So anyway, i'm planning to buy the ECLIPSE this saturday but.... haha guess what? Since i'm TOO obsessed with TWILIGHT i can't seem to control myself.. I would just read the book most of the time so.. i'm having PMR this year. Only left a few more months 3 or so, i don't think i wanna buy it yet:( i mean COME ON PMR is just around the corner i would never set my eyes off that book after PMR !! I wanna spend the rest of my after PMR holidays stuck inside my room with my EDWARD by my side... aaaa<3<3 I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! Come on Mira,,, Edward's asking u to study study study study!!!!! After study, marrying him haha :$ i'm INSANE i KNOW. New Moon is coming out in November which is SOO LONG. Grrrrrrr!!! Okay so back to the NEW MOON story, i was FURIOUS when Bella spent her whole time with JACOB!!!! STUPID JACOB I HATE U!!!!!! [Sorry Farah XD] yeah and i was really sad when Edward actually left Bella.... I was in tears ;( since i'm BELLA duh haha Yeah so i'm not gonna frus you guys about my PMR thing cause its only gonna cost me more pain and stress just thinking about it. Anywayy i can't wait for TRANSFORMERS!!! 0_0 [ I thought u don't like transformers] emmm yeah, hehe O_o BUT i'm really looking forward to watch HARRY POTTER 6 !!!!!!! Okayy that's all Zzzzz

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♥Perfect Outing ♥
Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today was really exhausting. Me and my cousin went out with our korean sweetie, Tiffany XD we went to warisan and cp.. But we only got to hung out with her for awhile because her mum's picking her up to go golfing =/ we didin't really do anything actually we just went out for drinks at San Fransisco then we talked about our crushes haha. Did u guys know that Tiffany actually had 5 BOYFRIENDS back in Korea O....O haha since she was primary 6! But overall it was fun. Not to mention she's a cutie! XP She told us that Seri Insan is going to have an anual dinner in july and her brother and his friends are going to dance to SJ's sorryx2~!!! I freaking wanna go!!! But the price of the ticket is like rm120 each O...O crazy! I wished im still schooling there :( We went to cp because her mean brother Justine asked her to buy him mcburger =.= we met with a couple of clowns so Tiffany actually asked the clown to make her a love shaped balloon and something else haha, we took pics with the clown btw. We saw this cutte "orang putih" boy.. we wanted to take pics with him but he was too afraid :( haha. After she went back home me and brenda hung out at centre. We actually wanted to watch "Drag Me To Hell" or "Suberio Dance"[ because there is a special apperance of TVXQ :D] and "The House On The Left" but the timings were all unsuitable..=/ I bought only 1 tee from F.O.S ELMO!! And his gang ;) Went to Popular and bought "NEW MOON" Then we went back to warisan... For dinner we went to chicken rice shop, etc. Parents fetched us, went to city mall. We ate Korean noodles. Everything was about KOREAN! Bought BOF soundtrack and TWILIGHT CD haha. Hmm i wanna watch it so badly like right now but i can't :( busyy have to read my SEJARAH for the test on tuesday grr! I haven't even finished doing my homeworks yet.... Lazyyyy

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Fly Fly To Neverland ♥
Saturday, June 13, 2009

Peter pan is adorable :) i wish he was real :( yes! I'm a weirdo haha

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New Hair :O How Awesome is Science
Friday, June 12, 2009

*late update* Yea i love my hair!!!! Haha actually i got my hair straightened 3 days ago Ahha Oh god, school is opening soon, Tiffany din confirmed with me whether or not she can go out tmrw, im complaining about my tui teacher, my hair is oily eww, Afeeq is ignoring me?Or am i being paranoid? oO [ Cuz ur so paranoid....yea i'm freaking out, she's freaking out, everybody's freaking out =.=] btw, Jonas Brothers are GAY especially JOE eww i favour NICK <3 i watched 17 again it was fun but TOO MUCH i mean the sexual scenes and stuffs they were making out throughout the whole movie grr and i watched it alone, sad huh? Craving for cotton candy right now but too lazy to go down to the kitchen hehe. How awesome is Science??? TOO AWESOME :o:o its cause i understand it haha like those calcium carbonate, how they react blax3 love it! Went back from tuition, teacher asked to do those actual PMR q.s eep! I got a lot of stars and q.s marks laa but thank god i can actually answer most of them. Give me math and i'm sure to get the 1st q.s X haha. Hmm fine i'm doing sej after i finish blogging. Damn i need to finish reading my sej bab 5 laa cause i didin't understand it worst thing was i didin't even remembered that we've finished that chapter! And i didin't even know that chapter existed?! Haha. Now halfway to the end of chap 5 dah.. Chap 4 lagi belum revise heiiii nyampah ar my notes are only till chap4 we've finished till chap 6 suda! Who cares.... I faham suda chap 6 so kacang only lorr. Its just i can't help myself from touching the astronomy chapter bah for science haha. Seriously i wanna wash my hair now!!! But i can't... its part of the rebonding process so i can't wait to wash it tmrw.. Hmm TIFFANY!! When??!! She didin't confirm la heiyo. Ling Mei Huan, what did u do last nite x balik2 ha?? haha. So yeah here's a few pic frm me recently aaa Edward Cullen<3 i hope u'll come to my dreams AGAIN but PLEASE not as ROB..:(

Zac looks yummy ;p

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Overall the holidays...
Monday, June 8, 2009
Ok so today i was actually suppose to go get my fugly hair straighted but my mum decided to postpone it too tmrw morning at 10 i doubt she'll get up =/ , i ate almost everything that's in my kitchen, spilled coke on my homework, pissed because someone wouldn't let me see her hair, just found out that i have Obsessive Edward Cullen Disorder, i've been REALLY REALLY lazy these days, i feel like dying and i just found out that Adam is GAY. Phew, what a day! Good thing this song makes me happy, i could just hear it all day ;)

You started up first day
At Seven or maybe Eight
You crashed into my life with a boom
You came over as a guest
I said I like you and I confess
About ten o'clock I was making fun of you
You stayed for a while
Then left with a Smile
But at least i made you happy
You made me happy too
Its kinda cheezy to say but

YOU'RE everything I want
When i'm with you i overheard and stop
YOU'RE anything that fits my love
And i'll never replace you
'Cause i'll never find love so true

Its only been three days
You're playing the waiting game
And acting cool when we're not together
I drove you hame from school
When I'm with you i feel so tool
I wish this feeeling would last forever
And I stare into space
My heart starts to race
At least i've got your picture
You gave me yesterday
Its kinda cheezy to say but

CHORUS (scroll back up if you have to)

Looking back at us
Two years and we're going strong
They say time flys when you're having fun
I never wanna be alone AGAIN no no
No, you're everything I want
When I'm with you I overheard and stop
YOU'RE anything that fits my love
No, you're everything I want
YOU'RE everything I want
And I'll never replace you
'Cause I'll never find love that's so true

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Okayy obviously HE'S not MY Edward PLEASEE. Ok fine he's okayy i prefer Rob if he wears makeup and a lot of powder everyday i mean he's even better off being a vampire don't u think? ;P He doesn't wash his hair much okay that's a problem like really. I went gagaing over Edward after my dream i meant i DREAMT we were like on a mission of something as if i was BELLA<3<3 Then he called and text me blax3 that doesn't make any sense because he was texting to me in malay?!! WTF but he speaks to me using english aaaa<3<3> NOONE! He's just so PERFECT!! Great now i'm having OCD= [ Obsessive Cullen Disorder ] Honestly, Jasper was my favourite haha. Alice so coolio! Edward is just sooo ROMANTIC ;););)<3<3<3 I would KILL to get into Bella's position. I bet every girl wants so too


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Wo men se hao peng you lai de ;)
Yeah me and Arch, We TIGHT ;)

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Hoe Down Throw Down Stupid Adam Lambert
Friday, June 5, 2009
Yesterday i went to 1b with my cuzzie :D yeah we went shopping for clothes i bought 2 tops she bought 1. But most of the time we went window shopping haha cause heiya i only got like Rm100 something left, plus i'm going to use that for my trip with jeong eun next week soo save sikit hehe. Ooh and i cant wait tomorrow i'm going to go rebonding yay i cant wait to get rid of my stupid disturbing hair. So we went home around 10 o clock haha we watched HANNAH MONTANA it was awesome la the songs were syok... PS downloading em now. We ate at pizza hut, tengok2 cd's ooh there were bof songs playing the whole time we were there, we jadi sot ni terus haha SERIOUSLY. Today i'm gonna watch 17 again maybe laa my mum and sis they went to papar so im bored here with my dad i just finished reviewing my science. I planned to do my eng report but i'm really lazyy senang jak ba tu haha so i decided to do mybe tonite or whatver la. My phone stupid phone almost no battery too lazy to get the charger downstairs. Same goes with my laptop tinggal half lagi battery ah who gives a damn i'm going to tuition juga so w/e. Oooh and today jolin is in Sabah hehe. I'm pretty pissed because of AUNTIE LAMBERT i HATE that fugly girl nah. suruh compare lagi tu vote for your special version of no boundaries i bet adam's gonna lose!!!! I'm voting for KRIS i mean come on? Kris has feelings la you stupid munchkin out there don't u think he had enough from Simon who often compares him with lambert throughout the whole competition??Its just not FAIR!! Kris's version is wayy better than that gay's one. That gay suka teriak2 bah and he's a FAKE DRAMA QUEEN sorry but its true! I think he's gay kan? Cos got news pasal dia dating with a dude di pub xtau malu!! Nasib ko tidak menang kalau tidak!!! Godddd!!!! Ughh!!! HATE U... Don't worry KRIS, u rock! ;)

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New Moon
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saw the trailer. Loving it. Can't wait for it! :D:D

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Notes Everywhere
Monday, June 1, 2009

Okay these are the music sheets for BOF'S Because i'm stupid. Its a really beautiful song i tell ya ;) But some parts of the notes are really hard =S it took me like A DAY to figure em out, but i didin't really follow all of the notes i made some of them up by myself yea its not really the exact note written on the paper but it still sounds right ;) give me some time to post it up on YouTube. Maybe i'll do a bit of singing to it eh?haha we'll see

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U have become my biggest inspiration to succeed. U have shown me that wasting time is just like wasting our own lives. U always PUSH me to my limits whenever i say I CAN'T. I CAN'T means I WON'T thats what he said. From this day on,I WILL make myself proud by choosing the road that u've chosen which is "THE ROAD TO SUCCESS" I don't want this to be just a quote i want it to be REAL! So GET REAL I am proud to call this man MY FATHER. :)

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School's out, pressure's on baby
Ok so here's the deal, why do i start my post with ok? Because its not ok ok. Ok. Okayy so school holidays are here and everyone goes "yippee, yahoo! Freedom" Na-ah not for me it is :d During this holidays is where i need to focus more on my studies not just party all night long i mean please am i even allowed to go out partying? Well yes actually hehe just not interested though. Ok the word "freedom" has a lot of meanings to it to people it means a lot like

=] Partayy time
=] Free
=] Merdeka
=] Goodbye books
=] Hello sunshine.

Well to me it actually means

=] Done with my Geo project
=] Done with my Sej project
=] Done with my h/w
=] Done with my sej note which i haven't actually =/
=] Clothes!
=] HM&17
=] Camwhoring
=] Music
=] Food
=] WORLD!!!!!!!

Get what i mean? I still haven't done my math h/w on circles. Stupid circle its drying my brain juice out just thinking about drawing it! Ok to the exact= calculating it dude, this is bogus i wish the human brain has this automatic calculating device by its own so by that, we don't need math! Yea? Oh not working for u? pff =S We have extra classes during the holies which starts from tomorrow til thursday. Great thing about is we have double 0 double of SEJARAH which means mummy Wong has to come torture us twice than before hehe sorry miss wong if u'd read this out from nowhere i just wanted to tell u that i have NOTHING to do with this, its all ERNA'S fault she made me wrote this :-( Ok anywaayy I just can't wait for the HM movie and 17 again!!! Grrr the only thing i can't really really wait is to rebond my hair yippee! Adios Ugly, Hello beautiful woo. Lets just hope that it REALLY happens this time. The last time i got my hair straightened it almost look something like this: Nice huh? Yeah and i'm going out with Tiffany maybe this weekend, can't wait to see her. We're planning to go shopping for clothese yay! Or maybe i'll end up window shopping on my own =/Nah :D Ok so Ling's not comin to school tomorrow because she has a bad hair day =.=" how bad could that be anyway,gonna miss her someday haha

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