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Mira Well, what can i say? im not interesting enough..i just love to sleep, read, dance, sing, compose, internet, movies[ oh yeah im a movie junkie] i talk a lot[ask my friends]and i eat a lot. but still i look like a STICK =/

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When Full Moon Strikes..
Saturday, November 28, 2009

New moon was FABULOUS! Beshhhhh!! X100000000000. I mean i have the feeling tht i might watch it again =D haha Watched it with Su just now...although our gathering ended so quickly =/ main problem is im goin out again with ALIA FATIMAH ish ish ni ah, if u forgot about our date mati kaw!! XD because i kinda have this feeling tht she'd forget u know....O.o So i got nothing left to say anymore. Btw, TAYLOR MOMSEN IS HOT!

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Glambert Talks Gaga Talks Tokio Hotel Talks Monayy Talks New Moon!
Thursday, November 26, 2009
Heylo ladies and gents.
Ok so... im so frustrated right now because i have no money =[ well actually i DO have some. I had to digged money out from my own teddy bank because my parents won't give me theirs! Err. there IS a reason for this though, I........M not a wise spender that's why =/ Everytime when my parents give me money i would finish it like in a giffy. EVERY TIME. There was never a time i left out some. Last week,, I just bought HUMANOID Eeep!! that was a MUST to buy since i don't know HELLO??! Its TOKIO HOTEL we're talking about here! When's the time u get to see their ACTUAL GENUINE GODDESS album here????!! In kk lagi tu! Aina..never bah. Lagi pun, of course i'd buy their album. Oh and guess WHAT. I overheard my uncle talked behind my back! like what the....???? He thinks i have mental problems because im always in my room 24/7 ya well thats MY way of living life and im loving it! Peeshhh ppl, so i finish my PMR exams, does that mean i GET to live life whenever i WANT to Zzzz Ok well actually i CAN but..i mean doesn't mean im not gonna live my life right?? Please i'd rather have exams than having my butt stuck inside my room, most importantly HOME. It feels so tedious to be at home ALL the time and thats why i keep making plans to go out with my friends. Almost i don't know..EVERYDAY?! Thts why i keep running out of money ngehh =.=" So im just gonna save money by window shopping<--kesiann kan?? BUT if i see any object or item that makes me look back at them twice i'd definately get my hands on them haha! Like Glambert's new album GODDDD!!!!!!! I want it SOO bad. Remember how ppl tell u to just download the album from the internet?? Malas bah fed up i want the album in my hands right NOW but i paling want lady gaga punya! Fame monster! Shit.....!!!! Hmm just gonna download from the net saja la =.= Oh and i just downloaded ZUMA. Shit. Baru jak orng main syok2 terus kaboom [please pay to play again] WTF...
And OMG New moon has just been released here!!!!!! BUT im watching it this saturday, i do have the feeling to watch it today zzz but since i'd already booked seats im fine ^^ Oh Tokio Hotel.....Jodoh as always.. ahah why im talking about jodoh now??? Wnna find out why??? Just.... read my new post ^^

Peace Off Buzzheads

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Its just another regular day in Hogwarts…on the way mau p transfiguration class tiba2 ada orng nie kasi t’kejut maddison.


Maddison: Oh, its u. =.=”

Hart: Yeahh its me… hehe.

*tiba2 c Dakota during tag along*

Gage: Yo, wassup man?

Dakota: Yeah, whats up?

Maddison: are u guys ok? Im on my way to transfiguration class, u comin?

*diorang semua p class sama2*

* * ** ** **

Di Kelas Transfiguration.

Professor: ok class, hari ni kamu bleh freestyle.[haha]

Semasa semua orng sibuk tukar2 shapes and changes their physical appearance tiba2 ada plak orng yg tukar jadi seorang perempuan. This dark scary looking girl with red eyes. Staring at maddison making her feel very uneasy. Maddison kenal perempuan tu, as soon as dia mau approach c maddison tiba2 she vanished just like a dustß-mcm kenal jak ni words ni kan erna hahaha. Ehmem anyway,

Caleb: Hey, u alright?

*maddison ignores him*

*caleb nudges her*

Caleb: Hellooooooooo

Maddison: Oh um cal, did u see that?

Caleb: Saw what?

Maddison: that girl.. she kinda looks like jane a bit

Caleb: U mean her? *points to luna* Yeah, they’re almost alike if i must say so myself.

Maddison: Noo, not HER.

Caleb: Well I didin’t see anyone here just like jane. Wait, are u telling me u actually SAW Jane just now? O..o

Maddison: Urghh nvm. *lalu pergi dr situ*

Caleb: huh…weird……..

* * * *

Semasa maddison berlari di hallway, she bumps into someone.

Alice: Oops! Sorry! Didin’t see u there.

Maddison: Alice, u know that was coming.

Alice: Well yeah.. I know. I just don’t wanna u know exaggerate heh..

Maddison: Oh well *jalan tapi alice tarik dia*

Alice: Did u think u see what u saw just now?

Maddison: I .. don’t know….

Alice: Tht was just an illusion. They’re trying to play tricks with ur mind. Never fall for that. Ever. *sounds serious*

Maddison: um. *nodding*

*alice kasi lepas mad, mad lari *

* * * *

Waktu malam……….


Mcm flash from the future bah nie…all going so fast….everythings faster than it was before. Mcm slideshow tapi cepat. Ada muka bella and Edward, then muka satu keluarga, muka maddison. Hutan…….Zappped! Screamss Edward: U killed her! Maddison kena tangkap dr volturies. Then…


Maddison mcm kena hysteria ni…. She’s screaming like hell!! She’s in pain. Then tiba2 roommates dia dtg..

Roommate1: What’s wrong with her??!!

Roommate2: OMG She looks soo pale![memang pale pun sot -.-…haha]

Roommate3: someone get her a glass of water. Fast!

Tiba2 drng vampire dia punya gang dush masuk.

Girl: What the hell are u guys doing here? This is the GIRLS dormitary

Girl2: Obviously. *rolling eyes*

Hart: She’s our friend. She needs us.

Terus ni girl yg tadi tu bawa a glass of water to gve to mad then..

*hart hit the glass of water and it spilled all over the floor*

Girl: What in the name of bloody hell did u do that for?! She’s parched, ur killing her!

Caleb: shut up! *stares at the girl with fierce eyes*

The girls freaked out haha terus durang semua kuar dr bilik dia.

Gage: She needs blood!

Dakota: And fast!

Caleb: Wait.. im confused, aren’t we all immortal???

Gage: Where the heck are we gonna find mountain lions in the middle of the night!??

Dakota: They would never let us out. Plus, what are we suppose to tell them? Oh my friend’s dying and she needs blood like what the hell??

Caleb: well obviously we need to think of something fast!

*masa drg sibuk b’bincang sana bkelam kabut terus tiba2 c hard bites himself on his wrist and gives maddison a taste of his blood*

Drg sumua tnganga O…..O

TAPI maddison tidak stop drinking his blood and now HIS eyes are turning to black and he’s in pain.

Hart: Gahh! *merah muka dia*

Caleb: Hey! stop ur killing him!

TIBA2 dlm fikiran c madd, ada dad dia.

Carlisle: Remember who you are.

Terus dia stop.

There’s still blood stains on her lips.

Dakota: Edward’s comin.[Dakota bleh tgk future just like alice cullen J]

And then…….

Edward barged in.

Edward: What happened?? *nampak blood stains, dia hidu*

Edward: Human blood…what happened??! *besar suda mata dia ni* semua orng x b’ckp nie….takut drng then ..

Hart: Its mine.

*Edward turned around*

Edward: What did u do to her?

Hart: She was dying and she needed blood. There was no blood around so I gave her mine.

Edward: Do u realized what’ve u done? Now shes addicted! U would exposed us all!

Hart: What do u expect us to do then? Asked her to kill someone from this school and drink THEIR blood?!

*pushed hart to the wall HARD*

*hold on to hart’s shoulder*

Edward: U are pushing me to my limits. I trusted you, and this is what I get from u?!

Hart: *geleng kepala* U don’t know what ur talking about

Edward: *laughs without humour* YOU don’t know what ur talking about. That’s my little sister ur talking about here, and I am her brother. u were suppose to guide her and protect her not turning her into a MONSTER!

*now hart pushed Edward pula*

Hart: Brother?! Since when are YOU a brother to her?!? Hah!!?? You were never a brother to her. I am basically a brother to her now. Where were YOU when she needed u? Where were YOU when she’s having problems. Where were YOU when she’s alone? When bella was alive, u left her by her own and…

*Edward screams and smashed the wall and grabbed hart by the neck*

Edward: Don’t u ever involve bella into this she’s got nothing to do with this.

Hart: She’s got everything to do with this, until u can get yourself right, then u deserve to call urself a brother. *lepaskan diri dr Edward*

* * * *

Best ka ??!!!! ahah!

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U want jiwang?? Nah here goes jiwang!
Actually..I wanna make u mine. I wanna make my mark on u so i can own u. I wanna u all to myself. Im a selfish piece of shit even though i know i cnt have u. Well not yet haha ngeh...I love u even though i keep denying it. I wish i can be bella. I wish for my Edward. Its not fair, Bella got what she's always wanted. Y can't i be the same? She and Edward practically live in 2 different worlds! Ok.. haha thts deep. My own words nie so don't steal... minta sponsor bleh la ^^

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Hey Yaw
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
HEYY!! Its been awhile since i updated my blog pheww... I've been off for about 2 days now since my modem was confiscated 2 days before eee =/ because i was up all night talking to "somebody" haha<---HIS fault! Nyway, 2day i din join them 3B hangouts... Because i have piano classes and lemme tell u every wednesday im ALWAYS superb busy.... i need to practice my piano from morning till class start. yeah Pressure enuff?? sampai my F minor scale ! eee! i can't get it right! My fingers were numb!

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Finally!!!!!!! *angelic music hawwwww*
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Finally omg i can finally write about my life???!!! Well not actually i have a few assignments left... i need to write about alcohol problem around teens lagi hey im loving this part time job i have! Im a paid blogger haha well if my post about the topic is good enough then they'll pay me. I can't believe BLOG DISTRIBUTOR actually wants ME to join in their world... but it might be hard to compete with other ppl well i AM not the only one. Whts new?? Habis credit suda =.= shit ahha.. and.... im in the process of learning MJ'S BEAT IT BEBEH. X lama lagi pro ni buzz... hehe oh did i mention that i choreographed NE YO'S MAD?? Not ne yo's mad, lagu dia ar XD Wanna see it? wanna see it? Not gonna happen! haha i just showed it to chris, my friend A.K.A Best choreogrpher ever haha he told me i have potential and etc well thts good to hear ;) Speaking of dance, ada lagi one of my friends who actually say he can do the cha cha hahahaha[ u know who u are if ur reading this la LOL] Bynk gila movie mau tngk ni....

-Jennifer's body[watching it this sunday with aliaaaaaaaaa :D, bgs juga kalau bleh masuk, muka pun mcm budak haha]
-2012[ this saturday with my family.<--bdaknya teda bah hahaha
-Christmas carols[the classic i love it! potayed by jim carrey <3]
-Phobia 2[nthlah, ni mungkin beli cd ciplak je kot ahha]

Bad news? NEW MOON!!!!! 27 NOVEMBER! Like wtf?wth??wth?! =.= Oh and did i mention that taylor lautner is getting hotter and hotter like seriously haha. Oh and i freakin love this video nice work taylor!! SWIFT! haha

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Weight Issues Among Teens. Why the hell are they complaining?
Do u HATE being tagged as FAT, SKINNY, LOSER, POPULAR?? Well i say enough is enough! I have two sub topics i'd love to talk about here that is "Obesity among Teens" and "Boney gals". Im not trying to make fun of these two parties, im trying to tell u guys something! Something that is worth reading rather than playing online games or just wasting your life doing absolutely NOTHING.

Now u may have heard of obesity right?Obesity is the most common problem among the teenagers. This is because of the latest trend that the teenagers are following- watching television, playing games and surfing net, no physical exercises, eating lots of dairy products and maintaining eating habits. Parents must see to it that their children do not indulge in any unhealthy which will affect the teenagers. First of all, parents must make an effort to change the lifestyle of the children by asking them to go for physical exercises, indulge them to play outdoor games. The parents must see that teenagers who are suffering from obesity start losing weight immediately and encouraging the teenagers to eat health. The parents must set themselves as an example before their teenager children. The parents should also engage themselves in physical exercises like going for swimming, playing football, cycling and lots of other things.
Teenagers must be taught about how unhealthy food affects in proper functioning of the body. If the parents find that teenagers are eating food with high content of fat then they must be at once stopped but politely. Efforts should be made to introduce good and healthy food habits and diet, this will certainly help teenagers suffering from obesity to lose weight. Going for exercises can be difficult but this can be made successful if their parents follow a same routine like them. This will help the teenagers very much as they generally follow what their loved ones do. If u don't want people to make fun of you better start doing all of these things before its too late. Start now. Its all up to u actually, if u think u wanna live like this for the rest of your lives, might as well move to MCD. Now thats all for obesity for now. Now its the best sub-topic to talk about, its about "BONEY GALS" btw, i got this text from So credits to them, i love the way they set things straight!:D and... i didin't actually copy paste everything. I added a few things myself


Now, they might think they're pretty but the fact is.. they're NOT! Ever heard of ANOREXIA?? These people are CRAZY i tell ya, PSYCHOS! They starve themselves just to be skinny?? I mean what the hell?Not cool u guys! Do u know that there are like gaziliions of ways u can be skinny instead of killing yourself to do so?? I don't know maybe jog? Exercise? Go to bukit padang?!<--psycho ward. Q&A time.

Why are they doing this?

-> They've been abused mentally, physically, emotionally. Probably someone might have told them that they're too fat or ew ur not skinny enough ur so ugly etc so they're being pressured about it. They care what other people think about them and if people tell them they're not good enough, they use desperate ways to BE good. Thats just down right lame isn't it?Seriously i feel sorry for people like them and if anyone who's actually in this kind of situation reading this right now, don't feel bad about yourself its never too late to change yourselves, go gain weight! I have issues with my weight too! Im not TOO skinny nor am i TOO thin, im just thin and skinny. But i love my life, i love my body i love everything about myself except my hair =.= its annoying anyway this also happen when girls look at other girls and think that those girls are REALLY attractive and there is no way they would look better than them and if you feel like that, its the danger zone. This is where u will do ANYTHING to be like those other girls regardless if u have to kill yourself!
What other stuffs do girls do when they're dying to look pretty?

-> They would puke out food by force. This is called BULIMIA. If ure doing this, u're not helping yourself at ALL don't think this is called pretty this is SICK. U're emptying your stomach for wht? For people? Your digestive system will be harmed if u do this constantly. U eat then puke, whats the freakin point?? Don't u think its better if u don't eat at ALL? Rather than wasting your energy to chew something that u'll throw. Dumbasses.

Pills, pills, pills.

-> Yes! I almost forgot about that haha. Skinny pills, they burn your fats BUT its VERY VERY bad for you trust me! Doctors, NEVER reccomend any skinny pills to your patients, just ask them to do regular excersices and sit ups, they'll get a better look of themselves next time. At least u lose weight naturally! Oh girls listen up i have a story to tell and by then i bet ur not game for these kind of pills ever AGAIN. There's a story about a girl who keeps on taking these so called skinny pills. She couldn't stop herself until at one point, she was wearing a mini skirt and her skirt got wet! When she checked, it was all soo yellowish and urgh yuck.. ITS not pee! Its her FATS! All coming out. Its disgusting its sick its gross! What happens when u lost a LOT of fat? U're lack of energy. Carbs, fats are the sources of energy for our body if we don't take em, im not gonna tell u, i dare u to try doing it :D don't come crying to me if u die.

End of both stories. Now! I have a very important lesson to tell u guys..

Guys, gals, pals, Don't underestimate yourselves? U KNOW ur better than those hollywood celebs i mean come on, when u see them in magazines i know ure gonna have the feeling "aww they're so pretty. i wnna be like them" im so ugly bla bla bla SHUT UP! They use photoshop ok! U can use photoshop too but don't over photoshopped youself ehehe. Like name a few celebs? I can't think of anyone right now. They might look really stunning and flawless in magazines BUT when u see them in public i gurantee u won't even regconize them. They don't look like the people u see in your mags neh! All u have to do is wear make up and all of tht u'll look more fabulous than CELEBS ur a STAR. Remember! U are your own role model. Look in the mirror and tell yourself " I AM BEAUTIFUL AND I DON'T GIVE A DUSH WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ME THEY CAN JUST DUSH THEMSELVES" Im trying to help girls out there! :D Go have fun!! My fingers are numb =[ [hey that rhymes XD]

Peace Off Buzz Heads,

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Dancing is a true form of art
dance Pictures, Images and Photos
Dancing to me is ART. Its where u express yourself to any songs that u feel deeply in yourself, that describes u, that talks to u, that LISTENS to u... U DANCE to EXPRESS yourself. There are many type of dances in this world like hip hop for instance, i LOVE hip hop SERIOUSLY! Especially when it comes to freestyling, yeah baby im the one to beat![well not really =/ haha] Enough of THAT, imma tell u what type of music u should or shouldn't listen depends on what mood ure in. Ok also, los!<--- that means ok lets go in german :D did i mention im learning german right now? ok not important lets do it!

1) Girl 1: *cries hysterically*[i shouldn't have said that =/] my boyfriend just dumped me boohooo....*listens to sad mellow music on ipod*

Me: *snatches the ipod away*why listen to sad dramatic songs when u can have fun?!

Girl 1: my boyfriend just dumped me.

Me : Listen to heavy rock[wait thts wrong =/] i mean listen to rock and fast songs talking about how to handle breakups like Avril's "everything back but u" its a good song to get over a breakup TRUST ME! Just don't listen to katy perry's "Thinking of u" that would make things more worse.

Girl 1: okay, *listens to fast rock songs* *dances crazily*<-- i didin't ask her to do THAT. U're right! This does make me feel much more better!! woohoo!

Sooo.. THAT is how u handle a breakup or makeups or any problems. U dance! Ballet is an AMAZING way to truly express yourself, those jumping and tiptoeing, jumping REALLY nice! Contemporary dance is definately the right choice i would reccomend it to u if u're having problems, difficult ones. Solve it with dancing. U don't have to be GOOD at dancing to dance do u know that? If u express ureself whether its jumping or rolling on the floors, THAT is considered as art---Dance. If ure feeling happy, don't go listening to sad and gloomy songs haha. Seriously, i have no idea how to do ballet but i don't care? Well... i have regrets, my mum used to suggest me to enroll into ballet classes but i was like "no way!! eww!!" and then now im like "omg!! mummy! mummy! i wana join ballet! grr" and then my mum was like "too late suckar" haha so i have nothing else left to talk about. Im sorry if i didin't mention ALL of the dances around the world. SO... google em yourself!Haha btw, check this video out. u guys should be more like this guy if ur having problems :D

Peace Off Buzz Heads

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OMG I love him even more! =D
Monday, November 9, 2009
He's like the sweetest drug to me. A drug which is more powerful than coccaine and heroins. He's my personal brand of drug, its so addictive.[ini bukan curi dr twilight ka ni?haha] Guys, don't take this as an obsession. I have a life. And im living it, its not like i spend my whole day talking about him or dreaming about him<--- that is my daily routine before i go to sleep every night XD

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Vampires VS Wizards
Thursday, November 5, 2009

We are BACK! Woohoo haha i have a new character called, Maddison Cullen. Yeah yeah so i stole the cullen's name? Who cares? XD I have chess tomorrow GRR i wanted fadilah to join it but she kept on insisting ME to do it i was like =.=" fine, about an hour im gonna be checkmated. I don't knw why but i feel like i have butterflies in my stomach like wht the heck?? I don't even care bout this but still i feel so sick about it. Soo my parents just got back frm srwk and guess what? My mum bought me this necklace, i wanted to try it on then BAM! Putus. Budu... Now my mum's gonna babble all night about it :@ oh yeah, and karma finally strikes to me. Remember the good times, the good old days when i used to stalk robert and send email threats to him that i was gonna kill him if he doesn't get off from being edward cullen? Yeah now its getting worse! Im beginning to develop feelings for him O.....O<----what the hell was THAT about? Pfft. No seriously! I can't believe the day when i said he was cute. CUTE?! Yeah i know right? It was like i dared myself to say so. I never felt so much guilt saying something in my whole life. Literally! I hate it when the heart is right. EVERYTIME i hate a person i'll end up liking him/her isn't that freakishly madly freaky? Talk about disgusting! Alamak! Solat Ishyak la plak hehe out-

P.S: Tokio Hotel is performing tomorrow at the EMA'S Phewiit!!!!

Peace Off Buzz Heads

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I'm in love with her

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Librarian for 5 minutes
Sunday, November 1, 2009
So guess what? Today there was this unexpected spot check i was like SHIT, i brought like 3 cds today! After the spot check in surau i rushed to my classroom BUT it was too late, prefects were already going through my stuffs in my bag then apa bleh buat lagi kn? Biarkan je la~

1]Twilight<---- Brought em to give it to syahirah.
2]4 in 1<------- SAKIT HATI!
3]1 litre of tears<---- this i don't care, because the story is just lame so kalau kena ambil pon ambil je la.

I was reliefed that it wasn't my Zimmer 483 cd! Nasib baik ni!! Kalau cd tu c syahirah ada bawa, menangis2 aku nanti wei!!! My whole life would be done. Period! And guess what again? Budu punya cds tu that i just bought them yesterday kat 1 b tu... yg haunting connecticut,year 1 tidak bleh main LANGSUNG!!!!Seriously! Stupid dumbass cd I am SO gonna ask warranty for that! Aish... i wanted to borrow 2 physcology[did i spell that correctly?] books BUT adalah tu... <---its a long story and i don't know how to explain em. So i decided to borrow this effin awesome book entittled "50 more witch stories" sounds cool eh? X jealous ka??xP I get to be a libraian for about 5 mins because ehem tadi masa aku mau pinjam buku kan, xda orng bah di situ, tiada pustakawan dia sana![budu punya pustakawan, x tau ka ada orng mau pinjam buku juga? =="] nyway, then me and fadilah decided to do their thing ourselves. We choped the date and wrote stuffs haha sendiri2 ni bah WITHOUT permission :D If any of our school librarians happen to came across this post just gonna tell u im really sorry ;)

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Blast of times

Just now was a tremendous time for me because i got to hang out with syahirah~! We got to spend for like 4 hours with each other hanging round kat 1b it was great. We bought a few things like clothes and cd's. She bought me this black tee for both of us, its the same tee to represent our friendship bahaha. Oh and tadi balik2 kena kacau ni bah kami tskx3 kalau mau minta autograph jan la segan2 kan?? haha and there's this fugly dude tiba2 masa aku limpas dia teriak ni bah "Ui adik2 hip hop o knp hip hop ni" i was like wtf? sikit lagi aku mau kasi dia sign fcuk tu. Oh and tadi bah, we can't make up our minds mau SS di mana ni so i cdngkan go mng sana la.

Mira: Gni, syahirah, kau p mng baru tu ko ambil any random baju baru tu pura2 p test then kita masuk fitting room sana SS haha

Syahirah: Ok Ok :D

It was hilarious haha. I bought a few cds

1]Wrong turn 3
2]Drag me to hell
3]Year one
4]Haunting in connecticut

I don't know why but after watching the exorcism of emily rose i feel so hype up whenever i see any horror movies cds. Adeh besok school la plak, boring la nothing to do =/ and 2mrw my parents are off to Sawarak ish.[am i suppose to be happy or the other way round? :D] And we were suppose to watch this is it but then my dad was like we'll watch it next week and i was like yeah yeah yeah lol.

Peace Buzz Heads

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