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Mira Well, what can i say? im not interesting enough..i just love to sleep, read, dance, sing, compose, internet, movies[ oh yeah im a movie junkie] i talk a lot[ask my friends]and i eat a lot. but still i look like a STICK =/

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aww look at billy when he was little, he's just soo cute! I wanna abduct him haha

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He's a housewife,fashionista and sexy at the same time!

He has this 3 in 1 package don't u think? XD

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Happy Halloween Weenies!
Friday, October 30, 2009
The title says it all. Halloween is today people yay! And im excited for no reason actually i mean its not like i can go out at night and go treat or tricking cause well lets say that its not actually an offical festive holiday here in Malaysia Zzzz but they still have em here like those night clubs, they hold their own way of Halloween and it sounds great ish but the problem is every admission comes with a drink<--- alcohol F^%$! Budu punya club. They have like this MJ thriller dance there!! *Envy Envy* it sounds so cool yet irresistable budu budu budu ah, who gives a crap about it. Tonight di tv pun bynk yg best2 bah cita2 halloween. THS Criss Angel is tonight! Can't wait for THAT. Halloween is on star movies. Watched it before though ngeh =/ But imma watch it again i guess. Last night i wanted to watch The Exorcism Of Emily Rose but i was too scared that i might peed in my pants haha. No seriously, i heard voices last night it was just plain freaky! 2mrw is like outing time with my friend, syahirah!! Jgn ko x dtng pula!!! XD Planning to go CIPLAK CD SHOPPING hahahaha!!! Im searching for Saw 1-6 yep im buying them all[tau2 x syok ni bah] I wonder how much it'll cost me since im only bringing 200 bucks with me 2mrw. I wanna buy Jennifer's body too! But the image probably still blurry and unclear since the movie was released a few days ago ngeh =/ i tried downloading the whole movie for free online and still i NEED to pay after i'd answered that stupid survey! For nothing. Oh and guess what, im doing this emo/scene/beautiful boys video and i used th's Sreamin and its been copyrighted and i can't use the audio,its been blocked. Dumbass betul, its not like im gonna STEAL the song or anything sheesh! Oh and to make things much more better, my Joe Jonas video is blocked in GERMANY. Yep, u heard me blocked in GERMANY because of audio copyrights. I used HOT by avril in that vid, Isn't that overreacting ppl? Teda location lain ka selain germany? Why does it have to be GERMANY??? Ish! K la enjoy the video.

Peace Buzz Heads

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Last Night..
Last night was one of the best nights in my life! Ceh, so far la... There's more to come just yet ;) Puas gila beb makan tv semalam! Hahaha Here it goes:

9.00: Waiting impatiently for Make It Happen to start! I just can't wait to watch it

9.30: Decided to watch 13 ghosts on AXN while waiting for Make It Happen

10.00: Watching Make It Happen

10.30: Changes channel. Hahaha, u're probably wondering why did i do that? Well maybe its BORING!? Boring gila ni cita tu nooob betul :@ So i changed to 8tv and watched Paris Hilton's My New Bff! I watched it already but im gonna watch it again from now.

11.30: Waiting impatiently for World Stage Tokio Hotel, i got my snacks ready and my TH shirt on! No, really i DO have the shirt. My dad bought it for me in Thailand, probably cheap and ciplak but who cares when u can have bill on you anytime XD

11.45: Scream like a maniac for 15 mins.

12.00: Partayyy!

It was their live performance from Athens olympic stadium, Greece. As usual,they were just effin awesome!

Peace Buzz Heads

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Would u call it an obsession?
Thursday, October 29, 2009
It IS an obsession and im not hidden about it. Okay so u go on youtube and watch every single videos about them and gushes about them to someone who doesn't care O_o and posting loads of videos about them to people and asking people to watch them and u even have a folder for them so what? Its not like im gonna end up like that 36 year old married mum with 2 childrens[The son is effin HOT] that's obsessed with electric guy. Electric guy is for youngsters not for oldsters wokayy? You're married and have 2 beautiful childrens[The son is effin HOT.] <---- wait, i have the feeling that i've said that before.. hmm deja vu i guess XD So my point here is WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE CARE IF I HAVE AN OBSESSION??? And why am i even saying this? Its not like ppl care about my obsession rite? Well just telling u so u wouldn't think im some kind of a psycho who dreams of being with a hot electric guy and marries him and live happily ever after[i am actually O_o] Gaah! Anyway, having plans with syahirah this sunday, i can't wait to buy some effin cd's man! I wanna watch Jennifer's Body!!!!!The movie where megan fox is in it[megan...yumx2 haha] and Saw 6 if its even selling here. I wanna watch This Is It too!!!! Planning to watch it tomorrow if im lucky XD. Oh and Tokio Hotel World Stage is tonight at 12-1. I am SO watching it. Of course, do u REALLY think im gonna miss it?? Hell no!

Peace Buzz Heads

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ANOTHER You Tube addiction ;)

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ZOMG! A new addiction to youtube bahahaha

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They are soo cute!

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I wanna be a celeb galaxie reporter
Hey, just wrote an email to them and sent in my resume. Hoping they will consider me for the vacancy ehe. Wish me luck. Pray for me.

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Manners is not an issue right now. Im mad.
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
I think wait i KNOW im going crazy at home, i can't stand having a physco and a paranoid dad living with me. So called freedom is what u can call it! I can't believe my dad actually told me that i can do well almost EVERYTHING i want after pmr's over yeah right, My mum keeps on nagging on me ALL THE TIME! wtf???? She was like i mean she's always like "don't just watch tv all day!" bla bla bla bla wish i have a magic wand where i can zap them to keep their mouths shut until i go back to school next year kan best kalau mcm tu???? Go online cuma 2 hours saja?? Ya? i know i have a life and im living it?!! Im not a child for god sake, why do u guys keep on treating me like someone who doesn't know where to go in life?? They're nagging me to study, are u nuts?? Do u expect me to burst my brain AGAIN after i've done that? I almost lost half of my brain studying for pmr! Don't u at least think i DESERVE a break????!!! I mean what kind of monsters are u?? Im not a GENIUS, im not EINSTEIN, im just an average student and average students don't study when they know they deserve a break. They're always asking me these kinds of q.s like " Ask your smart friends, do they watch tv all day after pmr is over?" and i'll be like "wtf? are u kidding me?? " stop torturing me or i have to scream my guts out every single day!Its not like i spend most of my time just shit socialising, i surf the internet, i googled info's about the world and history and etc.Glad im going out with syahirah this sunday. I NEED to spend at least one whole day shopping for stuffs with my friend.

P.S: When december comes, i don't get to see their faces anymore until finish form 4 nanti! Cause i'll be up in my room studying studying studying studying. That's a promise to myself, at least I can keep promises!

Peace buzz heads.

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So called freedom, don't think that i can do whatever i want. I have a physco for a mum, wtf about that!

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Crazy as usual
Monday, October 26, 2009

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New Hottie<3
Saturday, October 24, 2009
3sterling knight Pictures, Images and Photos

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U can be my house wife anytime love.

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Irresistable angels
Friday, October 23, 2009

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WTF is wrong with people these days?? Getting blind is it?
Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well to the people who's reading this post, u may think im a "ROB-SESSED" which is SOO F&%^*$# not true!!!!! He's NOT edward ok it pisses me off when people say he IS edward well guess what? He's NOT edward! U know that Edward is soo much wayy wayy better than him. He's wayy perfect than that ugly boy. He makes me feel like im having nausea when i see his name. Regardless his FACE! Mungkin mati sudah. And u don't wash your hair for like more than a month??? Yeah, u told ppl that and im soo not gonna deny on that. Your hair is UGLY. Everything about u is ugly! Im not gonna argue with Taylor being Jacob though, he's FANTASTICLY PERFECT for that role. Lemme tell u something ROB, Everytime when i read the novels i never imagined your stinking face as Edward! He's indescribable because he's too perfect to be anyone else! And lemme tell u something. U are WRONG u heard me? U getting to be Edward is so not worth it and ur LUCKY i didin't KILL u at the first place when u got the role you moron. Kristen as Bella? Also not worth it i mean come on, don't u guys have like multiple choices around here?? Can't u get anyone prettier than her? She's just foul i hate her. With her playing the role, she's making me hate the REAL bella more and more. Any last words? I have one.


P.S: Do i sound really mean? Probably. But... i don't care ha!

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A new born vampire
Think that i can replace Bella for Edward? Haha not a chance! They're meant to be with each other. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to have me as your company right Edward?;)

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My kind of people

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What's cookin?
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
So today i actually had a great time! Me and my friends, we were assigned to cook a meal for lunch. Gotta admit 1 day before i wasn't really hyped about the whole cooking thing cause i don't really spend much time in my OWN kitchen bleh. Me and fad we helped with the dessert. Which was various fruits coated with chocolate sauce yuumm! Yeah we did a few stuffs such as CHICKEN AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE! Haha crazy but true, i have to admit it was DELICIOUS :D [besa la, siapa juga punya chocolate sauce tu?? ME!] The best part of em all was EATING TIME haha. We're gonna cook a whole cooked meal this thursday, i already have the idea for it btw ;) Oh and history was AMAZING today!!! We played this awesome quiz which was awesomely AMAZING haha. We were divided into 2 teams, i was in erna's [BOO!] haha U wanna know what's funny? Our team mostly asked about WORLD HISTORY and the other team kept asking bout m'asia punya haha duiii and guess what i can't even remember how many times i kept mentioning ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S name 0....O kept on asking about US history like i live there or sth haha. Im looking for greek mytology and dracula's history right now ;) bet they can't answer these! Greek mytology memang best la... i've always have the interest in it. Ok so many ideas right now coming out from my head,,,,,, TOKIO HOTEL!!!! WOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! is going to perform kat 2009 EMA'S AT BERLIN!!!! Can't wait... i have butterflies in my stomach everytime when i talk about them, its crazy :D no its not, its... LOVE haha <3 >ECLIPSE last night ehehe now halfway finishing BREAKING DAWN [Cause i skipped the whole jacob part, boring bah i only want ed and bells part, loads of romance in action XP]


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Sunday, October 18, 2009
Dui na, had ups and downs today.... I was so ecstatic to get my hands on the japanese cd that i've been craving for, for the last 3 months and i................ DIDIN'T GET IT. The KAKAK unfortunately had FORGOTTEN yeah that's right FORGOTTEN all about it. Mati la bah juga ish! I didin't wanna throw any shit out from my mouth to trash her all about it so i decided to contol2 la..... act all calm and stuff padahal dlm hati [@@#@#%@&*(&(P*@%!!@!] Didin't mind actually really, she told me that she ordered it and maybe this week sampai. So relieved when i heard that because im actually going out wit Su next sat at 1B. And i saw NEW CLOTHES at F.O.S!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on that! :D want more exited news? My dad was kind enough to offer me BREAKING DAWN. Yippee! Im halfway done suda with ECLIPSE by next week im sure to finish the whole thing pheww. Currently the story was intense man i tell ya! There were some times that i felt like kicking bella. Gilaa ni nth mana satu dia mau, EDWARD or JACOB? Cause i would definately have edward in my arms every night singing me lullabys till i go to sleep! Now who wouldn't want THAT huh? I would prefer Jacob as well. Probably because of his sense of humour? Ok so i just bought eclipse yesterday[ sounds crazy that i actually read almost 300 pages for 1 day huh? Well im addicted!!!] i was reading it while i waiting for my mum to habes shopping. There were some parts yg banyak gila part romantic2 lovey dovey dia tu sampai it made me smiled! by myself lagi tu, i would look like an idiot if ppl noticed. I think they did? Adehhhhhh maluuuuu! Ok so speaking of malu,last night was embarrassing. Nuff said. About credit issue ni

Situation: LUPA BAYAR
Location: Digi punya stand[t'buka lagi tu] CITY MALL

I bought rm10 punya coupon kan then as i took it i just went away just like that without even realizing that i'd forgotten to pay for it! Bikin malu ni bah sampai the kakak2 there were like "adik, adik.. blm bayar lagi tu" and everyone was like looking at me man! Shitt. *changing subject* lets talk about today. Saw this cool chinese guy with this huge blond streaks hair. He looks emo/visual k type. Semat gilaa~! i almost pulled him to take a pic with him tapii x jadi la cause he looked so creeped out man *chills* plus he walked so fast takkan la mau kejar him adehhh. And masa kat Harris bookstore [where i bought breaking dawn hehe] the worker there, ada yg mcm rambut my DY ni bah. C adam sevani. He's got the exact curls but not the exact looks la if the exact looks i would pop and lock with him on the dance floor terus. When i saw his hair kn i was shiiit smiling ni!! Adehhhh nasib dia x npk, if he saw me smiling like that he'll be soo perasan that he'll think im in love with him or sth dui, PUH-LEEZE la wei. 2mrw school! Boring laaa there's nothing to do. Basically just hanging round kat library wit my best mates. We ditch the class because our class mates bising betul! Mcm jual ikan di pasar weiii! We can't really stand the noise thats why. 2 weeks later, we're gonna learn form 4 studies...... YAY!!!!! i likey likey likey XP ok dahla tu, i think i broke almost every bone in my fingers dah ni dahla reading those saga's made me break my backbones... they're getting numb. Out!


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Adehh guess the twins had a REALLY great time having the park to themselves. LOVE IT!
Saturday, October 17, 2009

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♥If i were a celeb♥
Friday, October 16, 2009

If i were to be friends with any celebrity, it would be this guy right here. But u know what's weird? I think im falling for him <3

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U know what? I think im in love with this chick or sth. haha Yeah yeah i know how u feel when u look at her. U would think she's some kind of a phsycophatic women who just got out from bukit padang but she's more than that haha. I used to HATE her soo much ni! BUT now im in love with her [not trying to sound like a lesbo or anything] Ppl say she's a MAN? Pfft... CRAZY! I wish to be friends with her [as if] i dream a lot sorry XD

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If i were a boy..

I would definately date these 3 sexy ladies ;D

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Well i'd planned a LOAD of stuffs to do after pmr which is well online,watch videos,downloading songs,buy new movies and stuffs. The 1st day of freedom i spent like 6 hours on the internet haha! searching for lady gaga and megan fox. Im a HUGE fan! Yesterday, 4 hours and today 4 hours haha. Since its the weekends i've planned a few stuffs for today that is.:

:) Buy ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN novels! Yipee my dad's taking me ;)

:) Buy Syurga cinta, Threads of destiny, My sister's keepers[ if its available here], maut, ala and yg best2 la punya movies hehe.

:) Planning to watch "Cloudy with a chance of meatball" but my sisters are having an exam next week so *pissed off* so much for freedom.

:) Watch 'Sonny with a chance' and 'JONAS'. That as if my dad wants to unlocked that channel. Kan my sis's exam ish..stupid sisters:@

:) Cuci gmbr. Tyme raya punya~ yipee!

:) Read sc's fictions.


:) Going out with sufrina maybe [blm confirm lagi]

:) Maybe watch 'Cloudy with a chance of meatball' with her instead? lets see.

:) Just getting to know each other more! :D

So there ya go.

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Lemme give u the Dish and Dirt.
Hey guys so its been awhile since i updated my posts... i've been busy for pmr the past 3 weeks and now im MER-DEKA BEBEH! But u wanna know what's weird? Im not very familiar to the internet anymore *confuse* terlampau manyak study la thats why!! [ bangga ni] hahaha XD Ok Ok im here to tell u all about the dish and the dirt about PMR.

Math: VERY EASY! But i only managed to score 34/40 for my objective which is good enough la ba! Alhamdulillah.. This is from my hard work and my prayers. Alhamdulillah Allah has granted my wish.

Math P.2: Only 2 q.s that im not sure enough. But im very familiar with those other q.s so i think i did pretty good. Boleh dpt A ni this time for sure! InsyaAllah.

Science: Objective i only get to score 31/40. Hmmmm

Science P.2: MATAI. X.X My only hope is for the pmr grade to be lowered down. A lot of ppl from other states also said that science paper 2 was hard! Yeah it was i must admit it. Yg the part got the potassium manganate semua tu easy la but ada juga yg susah ni sampai mau perah otak ni bah gilaaaaaaaa.

KT: Ni lagi la.....but kerja kayu i got full mark which is 4o so i think i'll get a C or a B for this one EE=/

Geography: Easy juga! BUT i only get to score 42/60 which is a B! ish but now im only depending for the pmr grade. Hoping that a B will------> A

History: Woooo! I DIED answering it

Agama: Also died answering it.[ my fault because i didin't study much for this one]<--- tulah sepa suruh kau!

Arab: No comment. It was Easy and Hard at the same time.

Bm: Alhamdulillah.

Bm P.2: Blehla~ i got a lot of ideas kept coming out but the bahagian B bah budu ni.. bagus2 orng bynk idea ni dia suruh kasi kurang p 120 jak gila! Rosak............

English: Alhamdulillah as well. My objective i scored full mark! 40/40 woohoo!

English P.2: Alhamdulillah too! I had a lot of ideas that kept coming out.. bagus2 i know i'll score an A for my eng this time. InsyaAllah.

Come on, its not like i didin't study at all ok! I think at some point i actually broke some of my backbones for the sake of it. I know i did my best i know i tried my hardest and i know i worked hard for it so i have no regrets whatsoever. InsyaAllah i WILL get good results. Im not expecting 9A's im just expecting A's for what i've worked hard for. I just want to get into science stream. and if i have to beg i will beg. Now i only have to tawakal to Allah. If Allah thinks i deserve the A then i'll get the A, but if Allah thinks i don't deserve the A then don't give me the A. Btw, the next post will tell u bout my holiday plannings :)

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